1. Capital: Vienna.
  2. Population: 8,623,073.
  3. Total Area: 83,879 km2.
  4. Official language of Austria is German. It is spoken by 88.6% of the population.
  5. Distance from Kerala to Austria : 7,007 km
  6. Flight time from Kochi to Vienna is 12 hours 30 minutes


  1. The major part of Austria lies in the cool/temperate climate zone.
  2. Three-quarters of the country dominated by the Alps.
  3. In the east the climate shows continental features with less rain than the alpine areas.
  4. Austria is cold in the winter (−10 – 0 °C).
  5. Summer temperatures can be relatively high, with average temperatures in the mid-20s and a highest temperature of 40.5 °C (105 °F).

    Application & Admission to Study in Austria

  1. To apply to study in Austria, you have to send the application and necessary documents to either the university, the university of applied sciences Fachhochschule / UAS or the UAS degree program
  2. applications submitted to the Austrian representative authorities will be forwarded to the educational institution – applications must arrive at the university on time.
  3. Some universities offer a registration of data via Internet and will then send specific information to you via e-mail.
  4. Closing dates/Deadlines for applications in Austria
  5. Universities; All documents have to arrive at the Austrian university by September 1st for the winter semester and February 1st for the summer semester. These deadlines cannot be extended. Since it takes a while to process the applications it is advisable that you submit the application as early as possible.
  6. For foreigners who have the same status as Austrians and for nationals of EU and EEA member countries as well as for Swiss nationals the general application deadlines of each university (approx. mid/end of October for the winter semester and mid/end of March for the summer semester, depending on the individual universities) and an additional application period (November 30th for the winter semester, April 30th for the summer semester, higher tuition fees!) apply.
  7. Programs with entrance examination; (e.g. Medical universities, universities of the arts, UAS degree programs): Please enquire in good time about application deadlines, special requirements and dates for the entrance examinations! (Closing date for application for entrance examinations can be up to 6 months before the beginning of the semester).

    Necessary requirements for admission to study in Austria

  1. Application for admission: on university application form (can be downloaded from the universities’ homepages or else the universities will send it to you), stating the discipline you wish to study.
  2. Proof of nationality in combination with an official ID document with photo or valid travel document.
  3. General university entrance qualification:
    - for bachelor and diploma degree studies: secondary school leaving certificate 3 or equivalent
    - for master studies: bachelor or equivalent degree
    - for doctoral studies: diploma, master or equivalent degree
  4. Specific university entrance qualification (for universities):
    Proof of the right to direct admission to study the chosen field and level of study in the country in which the document qualifying for university studies was issued (not applicable to EU/EEA citizens).
  5. For many programs proof of proficiency in German: is necessary and should also be included in the application documents, if available (e.g. German examination within the school leaving examination, language course diplomas).
  6. Foreign documents have to be presented in the original (or legalised copies) and have to be legalised. If documents are drawn up in languages other than German, legalized translations have to be added, translations done abroad also have to be legalised.
  7. Universities of the arts and UAS degree programs often do not require proof of the general or specific university entrance qualification; instead, prospective students have to pass an entrance examination or produce proof of relevant professional qualification. Information about the prerequisites (these differ from one institution to the other) is available from the universities of the arts, the universities of applied sciences and UAS degree programs.
  8. If all prerequisites are met, the educational institution will send the notification of admission or the invitation to sit an entrance examination to the address specified by the applicant. Students may be admitted as degree program students or – if supplementary examinations are required and in the case of university training courses /university level courses Universitätslehrgänge) – as non-degree program students.


1 Innsbruck Medical University
2 Medical University of Graz
3 Medical University of Vienna
4 Paracelsus Private Medical University of Salzburg
5Medical Faculty at Johannes Kepler University Linz.
6Karl Landsteiner Private University of Health sciences.


1University of Graz: Dental School
2University of Innsbruck: Dental School
2University of Vienna: Bernhard Gottlieb University Clinic of Dentistry