1. A country in the South Pacific
  2. An island country in Melanesia in the South Pacific Ocean about 1,100 nautical miles
  3. Fiji is an archipelago of more than 330 islands, of which 110 are permanently inhabited
  4. Total land area of about 18,300 square kilometers
  5. The capital,Suva
  6. Fijian is an Austronesian language of the Malayo-Polynesian family spoken in Fiji.
  7. It has 350,000 first-language speakers, which is less than half the population of Fiji, but another 200,000 speak it as a second language.
  8. The 1997 Constitution established Fijian as an official language of Fiji, English and Fiji Hindi, and there has been discussion about establishing it as the "national language", though English and Hindi would remain official.
  9. Population of Fiji is 837,000.
  10. Fiji covers a total area of some 194,000 square kilometers of which around 10% is land.
  11. Distance from Kerala to Fiji is 11,600 km.
  12. 18050 Km - Flight distance between Kerala and Fiji.
  13. Flight time from Kochi to Suva is 17 hours 25 minutes


  1. The climate in Fiji is tropical marine and warm year round with minimal extremes
  2. The warm season is from November to April and the cooler season lasts from May to October.
  3. Rainfall is variable, with the warm season experiencing heavier rainfall, especially inland.
  4. Winds are moderate, though cyclones occur about once a year
  5. What documents will be required?
  6. Complete Visa application Form. Incomplete forms may cause delays in issuance of applicant’s visa. Ensure to provide:

    - A passport that does not expire within 3 months from the date of departure from Fiji
    – Your full address while in Fiji;
    – Provide a letter of support from your relatives and/or friends if you will be staying with them whilst in Fiji
    – A copy of your proposed flight itinerary to and from Fiji (do not purchase air tickets, etc., prior to Visa approval)
    – Three (3) recent passport size photos – only 1 to be notarized
    A reply-paid FEDEX envelope to enable the Embassy to return your passport to you safely and promptly

  7. Time required to issue a Visa
  8. 7 to 21 working days are required to issue a vis


SL.NO. Engineering College
1 The University of the South Pacific


SL.NO. MBBS College
1 The University of Fiji
SL.NO. BDS College
1 Fiji School of Medicine, Dep of Dentistry