We, Alpha Mary International Admission Guidance, have a well reputed track record of more than 11 years in the educational service field. We have provided admissions to thousands of students in India and abroad for different kinds of courses. Alpha Mary provides admissions worldwide in the top listed universities and colleges only. The MD, Directors and GM of Alpha Mary visit university, stay there for a certain time and study the whole university or college before making a tie up with the college or university. Alpha Mary is the Authorised Students Provider in many universities. We have been providing admissions to the students for Medical, Naturopathy, Homoeopathy, Ayurveda, Engineering, Management, Pharmacy, Polytechnic, Paramedical, Commercial Pilot licence, Arts & Science. Admissions for all the postgraduate courses and PhD of these medical courses, in all specialisations are also provided by us.
Alpha Mary also helps students for IELTS, TOEFL, also helps to learn German, Chinese and many other foreign languages. Alpha Mary helps the students who take foreign admissions to develop their personality and to develop their English language as well. As the Indian students meet and mingle with the students of different countries, they learn the culture of that country, which helps them to develop their personality. As English is the common language for the whole world, the students also mingle with each other in English and thus their language also improves We conduct a counseling session for the student along with their parents. The parents might be interested in their child to do a particular course, but the students would have a talent in another field. Our counselor will give full details on both courses and future job opportunity of the courses. Provide the details which will enable both parents and student come to a conclusion which is best option for them.
We understand the challenges faced by those aspiring to study in different colleges under different situations. Keeping the needs of such students in mind, we have designed our procedures in a way where every single task, starting from admission to visa processing and to travel abroad is, very smooth and hassle free.
The experience that we have has been gained over the years in understanding and choosing the universities that are suitable and appropriate to the applicants. We have arranged options for the new students to get in touch with us through telephone and by email. Also our old students help the new students with valuable information.