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We believe our last blog must have indeed inspired you to accomplish your dream of
studying abroad. As promised, Alpha Mary, the best study abroad consultancy in Kerala, is
here with programs for adults in a foreign land.
Best courses for adults to pursue abroad
Study a foreign language
Learning a foreign language program in our native land may help you understand the
language. However, every nation has a peculiar tone that only natives understand. If you
learn the language from them, you can also ace it. This way, you shall never be a foreigner in
that country. 
Alpha Mary, the top overseas education consultancy in Trivandrum explains, upskilling
yourself with a foreign language is a bright star on the resume. There are increased chances
of a promotion higher pay scale. Moreover, most companies look for people armed with a
foreign language to expand their business.
Learning a foreign language from a native person has multiple benefits. Study abroadconsultants in Kozhikode list the advantages of language programs. Firstly, you understand
the nuances and also grab the latest vocabulary. Another added pro is that your teacher can
be your local guide and take you to the undiscovered nooks of the place. 
Alpha Mary, the best study abroad consultant in Ernakulam, recommends the following
language programs. 
According to the top study abroad consultancy in Wayanad, the best 3 languages to earn
high-paying positions are German, French, and Spanish.
Overseas education consultancy in Kannur jots the abroad programs.
 German Language School, Berlin
 Volunteer and Study German, Europe
 Alpedia Language School, Freiburg, Germany
 Intensive French Classes, Geneva, Switzerland
 Intensive French, Senegal, Minnesota
 ISA study abroad, Morocco
 Face to Face Spanish Lessons, Columbia
 IMAC, Spain
 Adult Spanish Immersion Program, Costa Rica
Adventure Travel Programs
Alpha Mary, your trusted study abroad admission consultant in Idukki, is elated to inform
our adult aspirants that travel programs are in. You can enrol for scuba diving, hiking,
bungee jumping, paragliding, and various other adventure activities.
If you are a bit doubtful, there are also cooking classes, music teaching sessions,
winemaking, yoga, and dancing courses. The study abroad consultancy in Alappuzha advises
to take up any or a couple of the courses and enjoy time abroad. These shall become the
stepping stones to your shining career.
The overseas education consultants in Kollam encourage adults to opt for a travel program
as they are an all-in-one package. You will be the master in your craft and learn the local
language during the training period. Similarly, you shall also be befriending many people
during the course and open the door to a bright future. Learning such skills takes you closer
to the locals and helps you experience a different culture that broadens your mind.
Top study abroad travel programs affirmed by Alpha Mary, the best overseas educationconsultancy in Kerala.
Best Dance Classes
Plus Dance, Spain
Tango, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Salsa, Montevideo, Uruguay

Cooking and Wine Making Classes
 Bread and Wine Program, Lucca, Italy
 Cooking classes, Salamanca, Spain
 Wine tasting, Salamanca, Spain
 Wine tasting, Auckland, New Zealand
Scuba Diving Classes

 PADI Scuba Diving Classes, Burleigh Heads, Australia
 Scuba Diving Lessons, Sydney, Australia
 Playa Del Carmen Scuba Diving, Mexico

Surfing Classes
 Surfing classes, Byron Bay, Australia
 Bodyboarding Surfing Classes, Burleigh Heads, Australia
 Manuel Antonio Surfing Classes, Costa Rica

Hiking Classes
 Australia Adventure at Gapforce
 Adventure Volunteer programs, Ghana
 Adventure Guide Program, Queensland, New Zealand
Teacher Training and Researcher Program
If you are interested in teaching and love to impart knowledge, choose teaching training and
researcher programs. Alpha Mary, The top study abroad admission consultant in Kasargod,
advises adults looking to study abroad and pursue a career there to opt for teacher training
Most teacher training programs are for non-natives since they have a grip on a different
language. It helps the countries to broaden their education sector and teach kids various
cultures and languages. As the overseas education consultancy in Kottayam dives deep, it is
incredible to see how countries welcome overseas students with open arms. 
If not a teacher, you can also try your hands on researching. Whatever your passion is, you
can choose it to research and gain further knowledge in the subject. Study abroad
consultants in Malappuram suggest programs to learn and imbibe knowledge from foreign
countries to broaden your knowledge base and achieve higher positions at work.
Top Teacher Training and Researcher programmes abroad suggested by overseas education
consultants in Kerala
Teacher Training 
 CELTA courses available in UK and USA
 International TEFL Certificate in Argentina, Australia, Canada, UK and the USA
Research Programmes
 Euro Scholars Research Studies in Belgium, Finland, Germany, Sweden and
 Partnerships for International Research and Education
We hope you are already excited to explore a new journey of travelling abroad and gaining
the experience of a lifetime. Alpha Mary, your trusted study abroad consultancy in Kerala,
is all set to guide you through the journey and take your career to the height you always
dreamt of.

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