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According to research by the top overseas education consultants in Kerala, Germany emerged as a favourite among Indian students for ten years. The prime reasons were
competent universities and increasing English medium courses. Alpha Mary, one of the top study abroad consultants in Trivandrum, especially praises
Germany's efforts during the covid times. The speed testing and efficient healthcare to its citizens, which essentially included international students, helped the country to gain trust.
Recently, the overseas education consultants in Kozhikode stated that Germany's student surge has increased by 61% in 2021.
Apart from the exemplary covid-19 response Germany has too many things in its kitty to lure international students. Alpha Mary, the top admission consultant in Kerala, explains
why it is the perfect learning spot for Indian students.
Top-Class Universities
The QS World University Rankings consistently contain a few of the German universities.
Some of them are-
? Technische Universitat Munichen
? Ludurg Maximilians Universitat Munichen
? Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
? GISMA Business School
These rankings determine the excellent quality of education. Students also receive practical experience during and after the course. Hence, they prepare to face the hardships of a job
before getting into the recruitment process.Variety of degree course in English medium
Alpha Mary, the study abroad consultants in Ernakulam, state how Germany proved to be the pinnacle of knowledge through countless degree courses. You can receive a
specialization in any matter. Germany tends to evolve in the field of education constantly. It provides courses that suit every requirement. Some of these courses are also among the world's best. 
So, the overseas education consultants in Trivandrum rightly claim Germany to be the hub of unique subjects and its studies.
The unprecedented quest for science
The study abroad consultancy in Kannur loves to quote Germany as a country, constantly chasing science. Most study programs are highly modern and keep up with scientific
discoveries. All of this helps students to have a keen eye on the latest happenings. The constant improvisation in the curriculum makes students adept at enduring any
challenging situation. Due to this comprehensive and up-to-date syllabus, scholars from German universities are favoured around the globe.
Zero Tuition Fees
What is better than the best education system? Of course, when all the knowledge comes at zero cost. Alpha Mary, the overseas education consultants in Kollam, recommend Germany
for those looking forward to an excellent education at affordable prices. Most universities here offer education at zero tuition fees. Some do take a fee, but that too
is a negligible amount. The revolutionary decision was taken in October 2014 when its international students were exempt from paying tuition fees. Hence, when studying in
Germany, a few administrative costs, union fees, and transportation will suffice for the world-class education.
Alpha Mary, the top education consultant in Kerala, represents itself as an institution build to make things easy for students. In case of any confusion regarding admissions in
universities in Germany, you can contact us, and we shall be ready to simplify the process.

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