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Around 3000 Indian students travel to Ireland for higher studies. Most of them are
keen on exploring the various career opportunities there and eventually settle for a
better future. 
Alpha Mary, the top study abroad consultants in Kerala, states that the island
country has a robust English speaking education system that attracts Indian
students. They also provide lucrative scholarships that offer relief to the students.
Lately, Ireland changed its international student policy that made an impact on the
future of Indian students.
The overseas education consultancy in Trivandrum shares the latest deets
regarding Ireland's international student policy.

Free to apply for a stay back visa
The stay back visa is for students who were unable to return due to the covid-19.
Ireland ensures that there is no panic among these students due to the nearing visa
expiry dates. The top study abroad consultants in Thrissur comfort the stranded
students through a stay back visa.
In Ireland, the Department of Higher Education announced that postgraduate
students who have completed the course are eligible for a stay back visa of 24

Access to healthcare

Alpha Mary, the study abroad consultancy in Ernakulam, lauds the efforts of the
Ireland government in ensuring the safety of its people. Their concern is extended
towards international students also who have been stranded during these difficult
Free healthcare to all international students is one step taken towards the safety of
Indian students in Ireland. If any of you faces a covid-related issue, stop panicking
and consult your university authorities, who can shift you to the nearest hospital.
Ireland has an efficient healthcare system where you shall receive the best treatment

Study visa for all

Ireland has no ban policy for its international students. Indian students can easily
acquire a study visa. However, the compulsion remains intact for even the students
who are opting for online education.
Alpha Mary, the overseas education consultancy in Wayanad, assess the
importance of a study visa as it makes the students part of the education system in
Ireland. To attain both physical and online courses, ensure that you have a study
visa at hand.

Acquire Passenger Locator and Covid negative certificate
Each student who enters the Ireland borders must acquaint themselves with a
passenger locator card. It helps the authorities trace the person's activities and
evaluate if they were in close contact with Covid-19 patients. 
To enter Ireland, you will also be asked to present a Covid-19 negative test report to
enter Ireland. The government ensures that its citizens are safe and that
international travellers are devoid of the virus before entering the country.


Ireland government has taken all precautionary steps to forbid the Covid-19 virus
from barring their students from educating. To know more, connect with Alpha Mary,
the top overseas education consultancy in Kozhikode, to help you understand
the changed policies and grab a seat in Ireland University.

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