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Are you too thinking to drop your overseas education plans?
The year 2020 saw many young aspirants turning their back to abroad education. Covid-19
dropped the entire world into a bottomless pit of dilemma. When we started expecting more of
2021, it shows up with the extreme face of the virus.
Alpha Mary, the top study abroad consultant in Kerala are determined to take you through this
challenging journey. It is not the time to step back. Now is the time to embrace the changing
trends and connect with a study abroad consultant in Kerala to wisely plan overseas study.
Here are a few changing trends in the overseas study in 2021.
Upgrade and Upskill
Overseas education consultant in Ernakulam points out the economic changes in the world.
Covid-19 left so many jobless. Others experienced a dip in their wages.
The study abroad consultancy in Thrissur explains the need to upskill at this moment. It is viable
that your regular degree will not do with the pacing world. Upskilling with relevant courses will
add better to your resume bringing better offers to the table. And what better than overseas
education to uplift the CV.
Analyse your further studies
Parents and teachers have advised us to find our interest and pursue education in a similar field
to succeed. The same has been a success plan for many.
With the sudden changes globally, overseas education consultants in Kollam suggest finding an
interjection between your field of success and the course to pursue. This helps in accumulating
more knowledge and having a broader arena to explore.
Decide the country
Many countries handled Covid-19 efficiently. Australia, UK, China, Japan and Canada are among
those reliable nations that have proven to handle any urgency with ease.
Apart from better pandemic management, these countries have also enhanced their academic
excellence. The 2021 study abroad trends will highlight these countries. You will find desirable,
trendy and promisable courses in the universities here to elevate your career.
An extra lingual helps
Earlier too Alpha Mary, the top overseas education consultancy in Trivandrum has indicated the
need to equip oneself with a foreign language. Presently many universities have ticked off the
need to pass TOEFL and other language tests for admissions.
In the times of increasing competition, universities and even employers are looking for
multilingual candidates. The year 2021 will require you to learn the local language along with
pursuing further studies. This will be a big green flag for your career.
Ease and Relax
The admission consultants in Kozhikode advise the students to relax. The present era is highly
depressing, especially for students. You might be enrolled in virtual classes, and studies may not
seem easy to imbibe.
It is time to sit back and relax. Study abroad consultants in Kannur explain the phase as a
temporary arrangement. Also, there is a silver lining to this virtual affair. Students are much
more inclined towards technology.
Alpha Mary, the top study abroad consultancy in Ernakulam, advises aspirants to be aware of
the current trends of abroad education. It will help students to get closer to their aim even in
this negative situation.

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