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Are you also jittery about studying abroad? We understand the fear.
There are a lot of myths regarding attaining education abroad. Alpha Mary, the top study abroad consultants in Kerala, is here to expose these lies and open doors to a better future. Let’s begin with the ongoing myths regarding abroad education.

Myth 1. Studying abroad is highly expensive. It may need selling off some

Before clearing this myth, Alpha Mary, your trusted study abroad consultant in
Trivandrum, wants to clarify the term ‘abroad’. When we claim to study overseas, its not only a few names that come into the mind. Countries such as Denmark, Ghana, Switzerland, Belgium etc. offer quality education at affordable costs. Apart from that, our overseas education consultancy in Ernakulam, guides you to attain scholarships for better education.

Myth 2. The unknown land can be dangerous.

Alpha mary, the best study abroad consultancy in Kottayam agrees that safety should always take the front seat. However, with our years of experience, we understand various nations. When some are better avoided, many welcome their international students wholeheartedly. Visit us to understand the nature of various countries, and we promise to recommend only the safest places for our pupils.

Myth 3. Courses that finish in a wink do not qualify for better placements.

Here in India, we have a distinctive education system. Our graduation courses are mostly of 3 years, while the post-graduation lasts for 2 years. This may not be the case abroad. The United Kingdom is famous for short term graduation programs. These never compromise the quality of education.
Alphamary your overseas education consultant in Wayanad assures you that all the prominent recruiters know about the high-quality short term courses. When you get the degree from the right universities, it shines like a star in your resume.

Myth 4. Graduates from India have less access to masters in abroad.

The top study abroad consultancy in Kannur claims the above as a weird myth. Our students must appreciate the fact that Indian education is considered, reliable and promising. None of the countries in the world bar Indian students from completing their masters due to this reason.
A brief meeting with Alpha mary, the overseas education consultancy in Kerala can help you eliminate this myth as we showcase the best countries welcoming Indian students.

Myth 5. You need to learn the language of the country before opting for

Though it is great to learn the local language, be assured that it is never mandatory. You will be opting for education in English that is readily available in all the foreign lands. Hence, you can always survive without learning their language.


Apart from these, there are many other false beliefs regarding overseas education. If we haven’t cleared all of these in the above article, feel free to contact Alpha Mary, the top study abroad consultants in Kerala and be ready to take off your career.

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