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Earlier it was the COVID-19, and today we fear its mutation. There are many questions in our minds. It is from the students, apprehensive of higher studies. The ones who dream of studying abroad through the top overseas education consultancy in Kerala are anxious about the procedure. Many even fear if this will be a possible break to their career.

Fear not, as Alpha Mary, the top overseas education consultancy in Kerala works towards its pupils' better future. Even in these questionable times, we are working to help our students study abroad at prestigious universities.

Study abroad consultancy in Ernakulam is in close ties with universities across the UK. Here we bring an article that helps students pursue higher education in the UK without fearing the lingering virus.

Vaccinations have begun

The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccinations for COVID-19 have already begun in the UK. It is going to be one of the first countries to vaccinate its citizens. The UK government has issued new guidelines in the onset of covid mutation. Yet, it is the safety precautions that are more stringent, and the vaccinations are said to be helpful in the mutant state.

Priority to International student

Study abroad consultancy in Ernakulam is elated to inform the pupils that the UK government prioritises its international students. Indian students across the UK will receive COVID vaccines even before their counterparts in India do. Hence, if they want to visit the home country, they will be safe from the virus.

Students are welcome

The UK government welcomes its Indian students for the next session, i.e. scheduled in September 2021. The universities will be looking through the applications from March 2021. This time frame is important, and you must visit the top study abroad consultants in Kottayam and around Kerala to secure a seat before it fills.

Merger of online and offline classes

Students need not fear missing the classes due to the current scenario. The universities across the country have partially or entirely moved to the online mode. This does not mean you may have to miss on the precious one-on-one session with the teacher. With a bit of assistance from the university, you can procure a private session with the teacher.

Similarly, many universities are opting for offline classes too. The rules are stringent for attending these study sessions to keep everyone safe.

Hence, students can expect a hybrid session for the next academic year. Your overseas education consultant in Ernakulam can help with more information.

Consultations are at full swing

The universities across the UK understand how difficult the times are for Indian students. There are lots of apprehensions and questions in their minds. Almost all the universities are open for consultations and readily answering questions.

Students can connect with overseas education consultants in Kerala to arrange a consultancy session. These will help the pupils in reducing anxiety regarding higher studies.


Overseas education is important. However, it is crucial to attain the same through reliable sources. Alpha Mary, a trusted overseas education consultant in Kerala, has enabled many students to study abroad and achieve success. Please consult us for your bright future.


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