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Top 5 countries with the best education
system: We recommend, you Grow
Good education is the root of a civilised society. Today, if we invest more of our time in
gaining knowledge, it will render a secure future. But, will your quest of knowledge quench at
any random place?

Alphamary, the best study abroad consultant in Kerala recommend the top 5 countries for
higher education. We have recklessly brainstormed to come up with the best names.
Being the top study abroad consultants in Kerala, we understand the seriousness of aligning
education worldwide. The countries in this list reign high at all ranking systems, and are best
suited for your higher education.

#1 United Kingdom (UK)
The United Kingdom ranks first both in the Quality Index(QI), and Opportunity index(OI).
Four out of ten universities in the world ranking were from the UK.
Overseas education consultants in Kerala recommend the UK due to its practical approach
towards education. The prime perk of UK education is the short course duration. This does
not compromise quality. So, you graduate sooner and can save chunks of resources.

#2 United States (US)
The QI(Quality Index) and OI(Opportunity Index) states that the United States stands
seconds when it comes to higher education. It is a place that owns the finest universities in
the world. The academic excellence at these institutions, when ingrained in the pupils,
renders them undefiable capabilities.
The practical approach towards education and the rigorous research teams help build the
strong education sector. The study abroad consultants in Kerala prefer the US as the
knowledge destination because of their support system for international students.

#3 Australia
Australia ranks third not only in our list but also in the Quality Index of top universities in the
world. We know Australia is a top preference when searching for jobs. The reason? High
payment and the matchless working atmosphere.
The same approach is towards the education system in Australia. All the courses provided
are the epitome of perfection, and ample emphasis lies in scientific research. The overseas
education consultants in Kerala argue Australia as the best country to pursue education
while working.

#4 Netherlands

The Netherlands follows closeby and is 4th in our list. The government is consistently
improvising education policies, and also much stress is on reducing the cost of knowledge.
The innovative tuition methods are the key highlight of the Dutch education system.
Overseas education consultants in Kerala state that a diploma from here can help to start
your own business and do well in any part of the world.

#5 Sweden
Sweden ranks 5th in our list due to the exorbitant courses. The country offers 60+ degree
and 900+ master degree courses. Teamwork and the opportunity to mingle with locals is an
integral part of the Swedish curriculum.
The study abroad consultants in Kerala recommends Sweden as the place for those wanting
to learn along with improvising on their personality. The seminars and group work helped
them to be ready for any challenge.

Alphamary, the study abroad consultant in Kerala wishes a bright future to each one by
recommending only the best. All the above countries are undisputed leaders of education
and will serve only the best to you.

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