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In the last article, we saw how older adults could also opt for courses abroad. Now the overseas education consultants in Kozhikode are here to showcase how hospitality and tourism courses for students and adults can open doors to enormous opportunities.


According to old notions, hospitality and tourism courses were all fancy and a never-ending vacation. However, Alpha Mary, the top study abroad consultancy in Kozhikode, states otherwise. With the fast-changing dynamics, the hospitality and tourism industry is becoming increasingly competitive. Better education with high amounts of practical training can only take you ahead in the race. 


Alpha Mary, the top study abroad consultant in Kozhikode, brings all the information about hospitality and tourism courses abroad.


International careers after hospitality and tourism courses abroad


Hotel Manager


Which hotel is a crucial question in the mind of every traveller? Once they decide on a place, the hotel manager plays a vital role in luring them. They ensure the proper functioning of the hotel and oversee the quality of products and services offered. The salary may vary from 50000 to 60000 USD/Year.


In the hotel industry, you can find a job as-

  • Front desk supervisor
  • Room Division manager
  • Guest Relations Manager
  • Director of Sales
  • Assistant Director of Operations
  • Guest Manager


Flight Attendant


Becoming a flight attendant is a suitable option for those who would love to travel and work simultaneously. You can either be on a flight or a cruise. The job profile shall consist of assisting travellers with their baggage and directing them to their seats. They must also be equipped to handle emergencies and answer passenger queries. The annual salary may vary from 58000 to 75000 USD and sometimes 100,000 USD depending on the place.


The overseas education consultants in Kozhikode suggest various other career options in the travel industry.

  • Cruise staff
  • Ship Captain
  • Hospitality services coordinator
  • Guest experience manager
  • VIP Lounge assistant
  • Communications specialist
  • Director of HR & Training


Restaurant Manager


The top restaurant managers have a lot of administrative tasks in their hands. They begin with hiring the right staff and training them to serve the guests. Regulating the standards of the restaurant is also the task of the restaurant manager. They frequently upgrade the place and make the food and service more appealing to the customers. The average salary package of a restaurant manager is 45000 to 58000 USD/year.


According to overseas education consultants in Kozhikode, other prominent jobs in the restaurant are-

  • Culinary Director
  • Director of Food and Beverage
  • Food and Beverage Coordinator
  • Food and Beverage catering and events manager
  • Entrepreneur


Entertainment Manager


As an entertainment manager, your job profile shall be vast. The study abroad consultants in Kozhikode claim that every even happens in the scrutiny of an entertainment manager. They conduct programs, quizzes, sporting events etc., to keep the guest entertained. Inviting prominent personalities to the show is also the task of the entertainment manager. 


Looking through the function of man and technical aspects, so the show continuous effortlessly is also in the profile. Since the arena is vast, the salary ad benefits are also suitable ranging from 65000 to 88000 USD/year.


The study abroad consultants in Kozhikode also ask to consider the following jobs in the entertainments industry-

  • Sports event executive
  • Project Manager
  • VIP Services Manager
  • Wellness Area Manager
  • Hospitality Services Director


Travel Consultant


How about helping your customers visit a particular place and arranging all they require to make the stay easy? Travel consultants arrange ferry, stay, vacation spot, and inform if there are any changes to make the journey stress-free for the travellers.


Alpha Mary, the top study abroad consultancy in Kozhikode, advises travel consultants to learn and grow during the process. They also list the following career options-

  • Travel agent
  • Booking agent
  • Tour guide
  • Online customer service representative


As you can see, the career choice in the travel and hospitality sector are endless. However, study abroad consultants in Kozhikode observe students increasingly confused regarding the selection of courses. 


The choice between hospitality and tourism isn't difficult if you understand the job profile. Here is a brief by Alpha Mary, the best overseas education consultant in Kozhikode.


Difference between travel and hospitality industry


The tourism industry is all about activities and events. So if you are outgoing and will love to explore, it is the best option. At the same time, the hospitality sector focuses on great food, accommodation, travel etc., at excellent restaurants and hotels. 




Alpha Mary, the top study abroad consultancy in Kozhikode, advises students to complete their masters abroad. It shall take them a notch higher in the race.


We know that you are excited to learn more regarding the courses in hospitality and tourism. To get more info regarding colleges, stay tuned as the next article shall have all the details of top hospitality colleges worldwide.


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