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Covid-19 has dampened the desire to study abroad. Infact, the number of students
enrolling abroad has increased significantly. Though with initial hiccups, many countries are
eventually lifting the ban for students. India too, is taking steps towards escalating the
vaccination drive for students.  Study abroad consultants in Trivandrum, Kerala, advises this
as the right time to realize your foreign education plans. 

Alpha Mary, your trusted overseas education consultant in Trivandrum, has already listed
the necessary documents to facilitate foreign education. Here we shall be providing insights
regarding travel insurance and why it is crucial in your journey.
What is travel insurance for foreign education?
Travel insurance for students studying abroad is to secure them against unexpected odds.
The study abroad consultants in Trivandrum, Kerala state that these insurances cover all
necessary medical expenses, stay issues and provide coverage during other financial

Who can apply for travel insurance?

In most travel insurance policies, companies prescribe an age window for those seeking
financial coverage. It is mostly 16 to 35 years, but the numbers may be wary. Another
important condition is that the policyholder must register to a foreign university. They must
also opt for regular full-time classes to grab full benefits.
Alpha Mary, the best overseas education consultant in Trivandrum, Kerala, advises
students to read the manuals before choosing travel insurance thoroughly.
What will travel insurance cover?
You can grab a detailed insight regarding the travel insurance plans at Alpha Mary, the
top study abroad consultancy in Trivandrum, Kerala. They state that coverage varies with
travel insurance companies. Yet many basic promises are adhered to everywhere.
Here is the list of some things that your travel insurance shall cover-

? Sudden expenses such as medical bills, family visits, baggage loss, other travel
incurred bills
? Study-related costs such as sponsor protection and study interruption 
? Cost for a new passport if the old is lost
? Compensation for death or disability due to accident
? Transporting the mortal remains to home country
? Payment of bail amount in case of an arrest

Advantages of having a travel insurance

Stress-free aid for Medical emergencies
Health issues are unforeseen. They arrive without warning and, in some cases and big
enough to drain your pockets. Such sudden casualties may be worrisome if staying in a
foreign land, but not with travel insurance.
The trusted overseas education consultants in Trivandrum, Kerala, advise choosing travel
insurance that guards you in such situations. Sudden injury, illness and death is taken care of
with the insurance and provide relief to students and guardians.
No worries of baggage loss
Baggage loss is scary. When it happens in an unfamiliar land, it becomes scarier as we are
unaware of the place and people. However, it isn't uncommon at airports. 
Most study abroad consultants in Trivandrum, Kerala suggest that students choosing travel
insurance avoid such adversity. In case of baggage loss or delay, your travel insurance shall
help you safely settle in the alien land.
Travel expense of family during ailment
Illness of any kind diminishes when a family member is by your side. However, it may not
seem possible to have a loved one to tend for you abroad. Even if you as a student think to
bring in a family member, the expenses may not allow that. 
All such worries shall go in thin air if you have travel insurance. The insurance companies
bear the travel expense of your dear one if you are ill and admitted to the hospital for 7
Seek bail with travel insurance
It is always the best idea to avoid doing illegal activities and getting arrested. However,
sometimes one cannot avoid such situations. However, it may not be easy to accumulate
the bail amount on short notice in a foreign land.

You may be surprised, but an efficient travel insurance company can help you with the bail
amount. Alpha Mary, the top overseas education consultancy in Trivandrum, Kerala, states
that almost all travel insurance companies help students with bail if the student is arrested.
Help during life-threatening accidents

Though we travel abroad to study and achieve all our dreams, sometimes the happenings
can be baffling. Sudden accidents leading to death or a permanent disability can make you
and your family inconsolable. Yet, it is also a primary duty to bring the mortal remains to the
homeland. If there is a permanent disability, you will still need to return home before
accumulating courage and fighting life again.

The study abroad consultancy in Trivandrum, Kerala, says travel insurance is a sigh of relief
in this situation. They arrange your homecoming and incur the expenses so that the grieving
family doesn't worry more.


Travel insurances provide a lot of relief. They are your ray of hope in an unfamiliar land. 
Alpha Mary, the best study abroad consultancy in Trivandrum, Kerala advises students to
choose the best out of the lot. If you are confused with the options, you can always contact
us, and we shall be ready to zero the right one for you.

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